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Smart Built-Ins for Your New Home to Maximize Your Space

Tired of dealing with clutter in your new home? Innovative built-in storage might just be what you need. While most new homes come with a generous amount of space, how you utilize that space can make all the difference. Built-in storage offers a seamless way to organize every room without sacrificing style or function. Here are some tips from your trusted construction contractor:

Entryway Elegance

An entryway is more than a place to toss your keys. It’s the first impression visitors get of your home. A built-in coat rack or shoe cabinet can add both flair and function. Think of it as the perfect blend of design and practicality, all aimed at making your life simpler.

Living Room Lift

Your living room often serves multiple functions, from a mini-theater to a play area for kids. Built-in shelves can house your books, gadgets, and decorative items, thereby leaving more room for living. For added utility, opt for a storage cabinet below the TV console.

Kitchen Convenience

The kitchen is a hub of activity, so every inch counts. Built-in spice racks or pull-out pantries can enhance the functionality of your kitchen. Tuck them next to the fridge or underneath the island. You can also have recessed cubbies built into the walls to keep utensils within easy reach.

Bedroom Bliss

Don’t overlook your sanctuary when planning built-ins. Customized closets can accommodate not just your clothing but also accessories and footwear. Under-bed drawers offer another option for added space without compromising the room’s aesthetics. Nightstands with built-in storage can keep your essentials at hand but out of sight.

Bathroom Boost

Even your bathroom can benefit from built-in storage solutions. Recessed cabinets and shelving are perfect for stashing toiletries and towels. If you have the luxury of a larger bathroom, a linen closet can be a functional and attractive addition.

Transform Your Space Today

Feeling inspired to give your home a clutter-free makeover? Reach out to On Hands Construction for all your built-in storage needs. We’re a preferred construction contractor in Clinton, MD for the quality services that we offer at reasonable rates. If you have questions, just call (301) 220-6524!

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